Last updated: 3 March 2020

  1. My Web Tech Study site is a subdomain of Apwebs website. It has been developed for educational purposes only. It doesn't collect any personal information and is not used to make financial gain. The contact form on this website is currently not fully functional and was developed as an example only. There is no database set up for this form to connect to. Therefore, any information submitted through this form will not be stored and used in any way that might affect a person’s confidentiality.
  2. The mini e-commerce shop (Apwebs Minishop) is also a subdomain of Apwebs website. It was designed and developed as a test site and used as an example only. The products that are listed for sale on this site are just fictional items.
  3. This Privacy Policy is effective as of 3 March 2020 and will remain in effect until changes made and posted on this page.
  4. Apwebs has the rights to make changes to this policy at any time.